Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well... since every person is well informed about language and verbose enough to comprehend, it doesn't leave much space for additional or in other words, abstract understanding to the title. Simply, it means- the one who edits the conspicuous.

aH! well... that was a tautology... silly. Probably, at this point, my mind doesn't have anything clever to narrate, let alone interesting. Hmm... now... that doesn't sound good at all. Does interesting things need to be clever?
Definitely not all clever things are interesting! Why? As a counter-example, allow me to propose trivias in the research world. Tons and Tons of paper-work gets published every day, month, year and will continue to do so, with all the virtues of humanity endowed on us since the epoch. Lot of them are clever... really clever... but are they interesting? Well of course, I am talking in the relative point of view- not the absolute one for a fear repurcurssions from the audience of my noisy opera that I am venturing into. As a digression, I thank you all for your patience and kindness and tolerance.

Coming back to my heresy... with great prudence, as you might have noticed, I have left myself alone from controversy by claiming my view-points as relative, subjected to subjective analysis- and this is precisely the blanket every critic wears regardless of winter, spring, fall or summer.

At this point, you might ask, with little reverence as I can imagine, "Where are you getting at?"

The answer unfortunately comes in a negative "Nowhere... I donno..." and I would further question back to you- "Do you?"
The above functions as a melodrama in movies, where the script-writer finds to clue of the characters behaviour and when the logical (as above ) is asked, the mystical answer as I described solves it all. And at this point, Rationality can seek solace for not working hard.

See... I behave as predictably as any other bloke... Dear me! Then the question is asked- "Then how do you justify yourself as the conspicuous?.... well erh...The Editor of the Conspicuous?"

Aha! Now I will again wear the good ol' blanket of mine that I have left above there, take reference of the melodrama of the gay script-writer and say-

"Well... We don't need to serve a purpose even though there is a question of commitment... In the words of Tarkovsky, Human life doesn't serve any purpose... that's why, Human life is free."